Few days ago as I returned back to home from college, my mom said that i had received my temporary voting card and I could vote in thie 2009 Lok Sabha elections.
As I heard the news first I could'nt belive it as I was not expecting the card this stime around.But as soon as I saw it a sense of excitement ran through me.Yes I could finally vote and have a say in deciding the government of my country.
After the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, city had come out in large numbers to protest against the lack of security provided to the highest tax-paying city in India. At that time I also had strong reaction's but din know how to let them out.Well here was my chance by casting a vote.
It was 30th April 2009. D-day had arrived.It was voting time n Mumbai.All the bollywood stars had come out in full number's to vote.That furthur motivated me.I went to the polling booth a tad nervous.Actually din't know the procedure so was a bit tense.To my surprise there was no line to vote which was much to my dissapointment.I had thought that after the 26/11 incident many more people would come out and vote,anyways I went ahead with my stuff.The officer checked my name in the list then asked me for my i-d proof which i provided.Once that was verified they put the ink mark on my left hand middle finger and I put my vote.
The feeling which I felt coming out of the polling both was something surreal.I felt proud.I had used my fundmental right of voting.I had a say in deciding the government in New Delhi.According to an add brought out by the EC, they had said pappu can't vote.Well I can safely say I am not pappu anymore.
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